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WEBINAR :: A New Path to Innovation Engineering Mastery & Black Belt Certification

As of January 2018, Eureka! Ranch has launched a new path to achieving mastery in Innovation Engineering (IE) through IE Black Belt certification.  

In this webinar, we’ll take you through the changes and introduce you to the brand new 3-day Innovation Engineering Mastery Course, which kicks off the IE Black Belt Certification journey.

You’ll get up to speed on the latest methods to deliver and experience world-leading innovation education.


You’ll learn how easy it is to get started with the fundaments of Innovation Engineering and how you can tackle the advanced skills at your own pace with more flexibility than ever.

For nearly 40 years the team at Eureka! Ranch have been focused on educating people
on a systemic approach to innovation that allows anyone, anywhere to innovate no matter their experience or job title.

Hiring a Guru is great - we get it! It was our business for years, 
but it doesn't empower you to continuously find success with innovation!

On this webinar, Maggie Nichols and Lydia Carson will:

1) Explain the new 2-step education process and the new, more flexible Innovation Engineering Black Belt certification timeline, which ensures you have NO NEW WORK. You’re just applying Innovation Engineering to your existing work to work smarter and more effectively. 

2) Provide examples of how some individuals and companies have already started taking advantage of the approach.

3) Answer all your questions about what your specific IE Black Belt certification journey might look like.

Earlier Event: March 19
Mastery Course :: Winnipeg