An Academic/ Industrial Partnership

Innovation Engineering is recognized as a new field of academic study and management science.  It’s offered as an Undergraduate Minor, a Graduate Certificate and as an off campus Executive Education program.  A PhD program is also in development.  

On college and university campuses students are taught how Innovation Engineering will enable them to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities in the new economy.  Or, to get really blunt, we explain how it will help them:  1) get a job, 2) get promoted and or 3) turn their ideas for a new business or social change into reality faster and with less risk. 

In organizations, the courses teach leaders, managers and front-line workers how to innovate everywhere, every day - no matter their job title or experience level.  The courses teach them a discipline and structure for innovation that makes it a reproducible and reliable system.

World Class Curriculum

Grounded in Data & Validated in Real World Application

Innovation Engineering is the first and only innovation curriculum that blends academic rigor with real world practicality plus direct application.  What makes it unique is: 

  1. Innovation Engineering is Grounded In Quantitative Data on how to enable success:  Data sources include test results on 20,000+ new ideas, 15,000+ teams, and week-by-week project data on over $15 billion worth of real world ideas as they travel from idea to reality.
  2. It is Proven in the Real World:  At Procter & Gamble, the Innovation Engineering mindset set a record developing and turning into reality 9 innovations in 12 months.  A finance department audit found that the system approach utilized shipped a new idea in 16% of the time and at 18% of the cost of a comparable project.  

Companies who have educated their people in Innovation Engineering include Toyota, Walmart, Mercedes-Benz, Humana, High Liner Foods, GrafTech, and thousands of others. 

Professional Courses

All of our public and packaged courses are excerpts of our complete Innovation Engineering curriculum and use our patent-pending Cycles to Mastery™ teaching method.  It's a way of teaching that accelerates the transfer of knowledge, helping learners feel confident in their new skills faster than traditional teaching methods.  Custom courses can be designed as well.  


Innovation Engineering

Where EVERYONE Can Learn Reliable Systems & Tools for being more innovative in their current job RIGHT NOW.

Great for: ANYONE who wants to be able to work faster, smarter and more creatively.



Innovation Engineering Leadership summit

Where Company & Department Leaders
 Learn their Role In
Creating & Keeping a Culture of Innovation

Great for: Executives & senior leadership who want to
Enable a Culture of Innovation



innovation Engineering
MASTERY course

Where Leaders of PROJECTS &/or PEOPLE
  System Driven Innovation® 

Great for:  Leaders & practitioners of change in any department and at any job level

(formerly known as Innovation College)

to learn more about private or customized courses for your group.