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5th Annual Innovation Engineering Users Conference

September 25 - 27, 2017 :: Eureka! Ranch International, Cincinnati, OH

5th Annual Innovation Engineering Users Conference



Sept 25 6p:  Dinner reception featuring Lobsta Bakes of Maine & The W.H. Holder Whiskey Experience

Sept 26 8a-8p:  Conference Sessions followed by craft cocktails competition hosted by Brain Brew Spirits and featuring Bee's Barbecue and streetpops

Sept 27 8a-12p:  Conference Sessions continue and program close


The Eureka! Ranch
3849 Edwards Road
Newtown, Ohio 45244

featured speakers

from the Innovation Engineering Institute and Special Guests...


doug hall
ceo, Innovation Engineering Institute

Doug will discuss the latest learning on how to enable an innovation culture.  Systems for smarter Strategic Alignment, Decision Making, and Project Management,

chris powell
ceo, talmetrix

Chris will cover frameworks for addressing fear and change - personally and throughout an organization.


david lafkas
patent attorney, innovation engineering institute

Spend time with David learning new ways to discover big ideas & turn them into valuable assets. 


Colin Guthrie, PhD

Join Colin as he discusses if the leaders in your innovation engineering program can deliver when the lights are bright and the stakes are high? Learn how concepts from mental performance and sports psychology can make the difference.


Maggie Nichols
COO, Innovation Engineering

Maggie will bring to life all of the new systems for enabling innovation by everyone, everywhere everyday.  

Kevin Cahill
Executive Director, Deming Institute

Kevin will be discussing a New Vision of Teamwork - Endless Possibilities

Maggie P. Teaching Innovation

Maggie Pfeifer
Director of Education, Innovation Engineering institute

New innovation courses for educating everyone in the organization.