Innovation Engineering for INDIVIDUALS

No matter what role you play, innovation is a fundamental skill in today's world.  And if you feel lacking, you're not alone.  In fact, the average employee states that up to 67% of their current job requires innovation thinking and innovation skills that they don't have.

But you CAN get started RIGHT NOW being more innovative, creative, and working smarter in whatever you do.

The best place to start is attending a public Innovation Engineering Quick Start Course.  It's a fundamentals class in innovation that's designed specifically to help you apply innovation to your "sphere of influence" - no matter how big or small that is. 

And if you're looking to really ramp up your skills, then the Mastery Course will teach you the complete 48 skills that make up the full curriculum of Innovation Engineering.  It's a complete graduate-level course taught in an accelerated format.

Both programs offer certifications - where you apply your new skills to real work under the guidance of an expert Innovation Engineering coach.