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Innovation College - Cincinnati

  • Eureka! Ranch 3849 Edwards Road Newtown, Ohio 45244 USA (map)

Innovation College teaches you the 48 skills it takes to be an innovation expert.

To prepare, you'll complete approximately 100 digital classes (12 hours) before attending the 5-day live class at the Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnati. You'll get access to the digital pre-work 2-4 weeks before the live class.  

Then come to the live Innovation College class for 5-days of intensive, hands on work to learn to apply those new skills. 


Day 1 CREATE - Teaches a system that enables anyone - no matter how creative they feel they are - to problem solve, create improvements, or invent breakthrough ideas.

Day 2 COMMUNICATE - Teaches a step by step system for helping everyone communicate the ideas they create with clarity. The consequence of sharper communication is improved collaboration, alignment, and most importantly smarter and deeper thinking on how to make the idea successful. 

Day 3 COMMERCIALIZE - Teaches how to turn ideas into reality faster and with much less risk of failure.  It's probably the most fun and liberating of the Innovation Engineering courses.  

Day 4 MAKING IT REAL - This course enables students to see how the parts of Innovation Engineering work together as a whole system. 

Day 5 SYSTEM DRIVEN LEADERSHIP - This course teaches you how to lead major projects and improvements in how your teams, departments, divisions, and outside resources work together.

Each day starts at 7.30am with breakfast with class starting at 8am.  Lunch will be served at 12.30pm each day.  Dinner will be served at 7pm on days 1-4 and the class concludes at 1pm on the last day.  (On day 3 you should expect to stay until 9 or 10pm, as the dinner experience is part of the curriculum and tends to go late.)


Dress-Code:  Casual

Closest Airports:

  • Cincinnati Northern-Kentucky International Airport is approximately 40 minutes from the Ranch.
  • Lunken Municipal Airport is approximately 15 minutes from the Ranch.
  • Dayton International Airport is approximately 1 hour from the Ranch.

Hotels & Getting Around:  

There are a number of hotels in the area at every price point.  Some just minutes away that are quaint and comfortable.  Others are a little farther drive but offer the excitement and activity of a lively downtown scene.  

Cincinnati is a very drivable town, so it's most common to rent a car while you're here.  But taxi service and uber are accessible as well.

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Food & Fitness:

Meals at the Eureka! Ranch are always something special.  And while they're all far more than you'd expect, each one has a healthy option too.  But if you feel the need to move too, you're welcome to use our state of the art gym or 1 mile walking path around the lake to get your blood pumping.