Innovation Engineering for TEAMS

Whether your team is a department that works together all the time or a cross-functional team that's just getting started, the Innovation Engineering approach is a dynamic and engaging way to jump start your team.

If you're a team that's looking to make your current work more innovative by working smarter, not harder - Innovation Engineering Quick Start can you started now.  This fundamentals class teaches you just enough about innovation that you can apply it instantly to almost any project within your "sphere of influence."

If you're looking to evolve into high-performing team, then Mastery Course is the way to go.  It will teach you everything you need to know about innovation and then some.  It will show you a complete business process to take any project from beginning to end without compromising it's uniqueness.  It's popular with innovation, R&D, marketing, insights and other team responsible for innovation and business results.

If you have a team AND and important and urgent business challenge, then a project would be a great fit.  During the project you'll use the Innovation Engineering systems at an accelerated pace, working alongside expert Innovation Engineering Black Belts to guide your way.  This ensures you not only get coaching for your team, but business results at the same time.