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KeyNote Speeches

Known for this truthfulness and inspirational energy, Doug's speaking style blends wit and wisdom. Audiences leave his talks with a sense of urgency to take action and an understanding of the art and science of innovation.

Doug has a passion for using scientific methods to help people think smarter and more creatively to grow their profits. In addition to a lifetime's work in the field, he's quantitatively tested every significant system and method known for creating, communicating, and commercializing ideas. If it works, he uses, teaches and preaches about it. If it doesn't it's out.


Doug's spoken over 100 times to large audiences the world over.  Here's just a sample of his style and energy as he delivers previous keynotes.

Sample Montage
This sample reel of Doug Hall gives you a sense of what he can bring to your event through keynotes, lectures and custom events.

University of Maine Commencement Speech Doug was presented with an Honorary Doctorate in Engineering. As he says, "This is what I would want my children to hear at their graduation."

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