Innovation Engineering Quick Start/ Fundamentals Course

Learn 12+ Fundamental Skills for APPLying the System Driven Innovation Mindset

The Innovation Engineering Quick Start/Fundamentals course teaches you the fundamentals of innovation so you can apply them to your real work right away.  

From this 2-day course & certification you will be able to:

  • Write an innovation project mission that will inspire great ideas.
  • Create 8x more big ideas than brainstorming.
  • Increase the persuasive power of your ideas by up to 5X.
  • Deliver results up to 6X faster using a New Innovative Work Process.
  • Jump Start innovation in your job instantly.



CREATE skills

Learn the fundamentals of how to create solutions and ideas for all challenges.

Skill:  Meaningful Uniqueness

  • SubSkill A. Identifying Meaningfully Unique
  • SubSkill B. Meaningful Uniqueness Clarity

Skill:  Stimulus & Diversity

  • SubSkill A. Trust in the power of Stimulus
  • SubSkill B. Trust in the power of Diversity
  • SubSkill C. Mind Mapping and Osborn Brainstorming

Skill:  Exploring Stimulus

  • SubSkill A. What is Great Stimulus - Disruptive and Divergent
  • SubSkill B. Gathering and Sharing Stimulus

Skill:  CREATE Sessions

  • SubSkill A. Stimulus Processing
  • SubSkill B. Preparing for a Create Session
  • SubSkill C. Running a Create Session

communicate skills

Ideas can't go anywhere unless you can communicate them clearly and convincingly.

Skill:  Strategy Activation - Blue Cards

  • SubSkill A. What is Strategy Activation and Why Does it Matter?
  • SubSkill B. The Parts of a Blue Card
  • SubSkill C. How to Create a Blue Card

Skill:  Concept Writing - Yellow Cards

  • SubSkill A. What is a Yellow Card & Why Does it Matter?
  • SubSkill B. The Parts of a Yellow Card Problem, Promise, Proof
  • SubSkill C. The Parts of a Yellow Card Cost, Name, Headline
  • SubSkill D. How to Write a Yellow Card

Skill:  Concept Improvement

  • SubSkill A. Clarity & Focus
  • SubSkill B. Synergy
  • SubSkill C. Factual Wisdom on Increasing Writing Success

Skill:  Estimating Concept Value

  • SubSkill A. Why Estimating Matters
  • SubSkill B. Fermi Estimating Mindset
  • SubSkill C. How to Forecast Sales


commercialize skills

Learn how to take an idea and transform it into a reality.

Skill:  Plan, Do, Study, Act

  • SubSkill A. Plan & Do
  • SubSkill B. Study & Act

Skill:  PDSA Best Practices

  • SubSkill A. Roles & Workflow
  • SubSkill B. Risk Management

Skill:  PDSA Concept Prototypes

  • SubSkill A. Why Prototype
  • SubSkill B. Best Practices

Skill:  PDSA Functional Prototypes

  • SubSkill A. Principles
  • SubSkill B. Best Practices

How It Works

step 1

CONVENIENT Online Class Pre-Work

Before attending the IE Quick Start you will use a private Innovation Engineering Labs portal to complete about 33 short digital classes on the fundamentals of how to create, communicate, and commercialize meaningfully unique solutions to your challenges. Each digital class contains a video explaining the concept of a skill followed by a short quiz.


While most digital classes are approximately 5 minutes long, this first digital class sets up the overview for the course, how it's taught and what to expect.


step 2


Join your fellow classmates at the 2 days of LIVE in class work to make the digital learning real.  You'll roll your sleeves up and work through hands on interactive experiences that help you learn how to apply the skills you learned in the pre-work. You'll work in small teams that constantly change throughout the course. Coaches will guide your work while you get live feedback from online instructors that grade your submissions.

step 3

back to work CERTIFICATION

In step 3 you'll get expert coaching as you apply the skills to your real work.  

In the 60 days that follow the class you will be given a collection of assignments to apply your new skills to work that's relevant to you.  Each submission will be graded by an Innovation Engineering Black Belt.  Once you successfully pass all assignments, you'll be given an Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certification.

Tuition & Timing

The tuition for the Training Course + Tools + Coaching + Certification which includes video pre-work, 2 in class days and 60 days of coaching on application assignments is $2,995* USD per person.

*  Costs may vary due to facility fees and international conversion rates at various locations. Please click the specific course below to see the pricing for that location.

PRIVATE Programs are the most effective approach, as they enable deep conversations on the application of the teaching to your immediate world. Contact us to explore a private program for your group.  

PUBLIC Programs are an easy way to get started with enabling you to work faster, smarter, and more creatively.   


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