1. Believe, 2. Listen and 3. Learn

If you believe - and listen - you will get smarter every day, week and month.

For 40 years the focus of my life has been innovation.  Some would call me an expert.  Last week I did as I’ve written in past posts - I listened and learned.  Most important of all - I believed that there was great value in what I was hearing. 

Believing in the value of what others were saying - enabled me to hear them at a deeper level.   Instead of listening with one part of my brain - and critiquing with another part of my brain - I fully embraced what was being said.   Because I believed I really heard them.  The result was I gained new insights and understandings. 

I learned new ideas - new ways of looking at the world - and new understandings on the interactions of complex human systems.  I also gained insight into the root causes of some major problems and some very negative human behaviors.   

Learning begins with Believing.  Without believing in the value of others you can’t listen and you won’t learn.  

This week I’m leading a Leadership Summit with as diverse a group of people as has ever come to the Eureka! Ranch.   My plan for myself is the same as last week - to believe, listen and learn. 

As you go forth into your world try to increase your BELIEVING in the value of others.  Then LISTEN deeply to not only “what” is being said but “why”.    Having really heard with a beginners mind then absorb what they are teaching you.  Your life and the lives of all around you will be better because of your learning.

Have a great week