We are the Innovation Team at Eureka! Ranch

Welcome to No Guru Needed - Anyone can Lead Innovation!

We are the team behind the Eureka! Ranch and the Innovation Engineering Institute.  If you aren't already familiar with us we are in the business of innovating and have been for almost 30 years.

To be completely honest our company started out in the guru business -- people would come to Newtown, Ohio so, that our founder & CEO, Doug Hall could bestow upon them the "Big Idea," the one that would change everything.  All different media outlets interviewed him and did stories on him the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Dateline and Inc. Magazine even named the Eureka! Ranch one of AmericaÕs top Innovation Teams.

Our mission today is different... 

As we approach our 30 year anniversary and look forward to the next 30 years, we think the days of the guru are ending (and shouldn't an innovation company always be innovating?). Innovation is not about hiring an expert to create the Eureka! idea that saves the organization, but rather about enabling your own employees to create a pipeline of Eureka! innovations that sustains or reinvents the organization.

Today, we teach you and your organization just how Doug created those "Big Ideas." We teach people a system for innovation called Innovation Engineering.  Innovation Engineering is a curriculum, a tool set, and a mindset that enables innovation by everyone, everywhere, every day resulting in increased speed to market and decreased risk.

Our team is diverse in mindset all bringing a unique set of skills to innovation each of us will use this blog to share our experiences with innovation and share our learnings with all of you -- we hope you walk away with some useful tools.



Maggie Nichols is our leader today she is President & COO of Eureka! Ranch not only leading us, but coaching and helping C-Level executives across the world guide their employees and teams through innovation.


Corie Spialek is the Operations Director working with Doug and Maggie for over 12 years she brings a unique office system perspective to innovation events.


Maggie Pfeifer is the Director of Education, fearlessly leading and teaching 1,000s of students around the world the best practices for innovation and applying systems thinking to their lives and organizations.


David Lafkas is our legal eagle or more traditionally our patent and trademark authority not only serving as in house cousel at the Eureka! Ranch and the Innovation Institute, but also evangelizing on the importance of patents in today's world of innovation and staying ahead of your competition.


Scott Dunkle is the Tech Guy the leader of all things digital creating an innovation platform like no other in the world.


Greg Lemmon the self titled, Data Nerd, he brings the numbers -- arguably the most important part of innovation.  He spends his day tracking innovation ROI.


 As an engineer by education, Lydia Carson, loves nothing more then a good system.  She is an expert at applying systems for innovation inside any organization, but her true love is working with non-consumer goods companies the more technical the better.


 Jesse Bechotld has held the title of CEO, CFO, CAO and more during his many years (he won't tell how many) in the workforce.  Today he leads Eureka! Ranch's Innovation Engineering Network, LLC a world wide network of professionals committed to changing the world through innovation. Although, he is a CPA you'll never be bored.

Why Blog? Spread the Word 

We have good news and we want to share it. We want people to know that there is a better way and that innovation doesn't have to scary or hard. It is possible to enable your employees. You donÕt need a guru - nor do you need to be a guru. You can lead innovation. As Dr Deming famously said "How could they know?"

How can we expect leaders to know that there is even a system to learn. They canÕt learn if they donÕt know it exists. Our intention is educate you about a system for innovation.

Heads Ups! Future Topics.

Leading Innovation. That's it. That's our focus. We will sometimes be talking big picture and sometimes weÕll be in the weeds, but every topic will be about leading and doing innovation every day.

DonÕt make this a one sided conversation.

When in doubt comment. We want to know your thoughts, concerns and questions. Have an idea for a post or a topic you want our opinions on? Just let us know. WeÕll try and keep the rants to a minimum. ;)

Share our post. If you found it useful, someone else will too, so share the knowledge and help grow the community.

Follow the blog, e-mail us or connect though social media are all welcomed and appreciated.