Learning How to Win Again with Innovation

A common theme among corporations these days is that they need to "Learn how to WIN again."

Below are 3 steps that all leadership can take to jump start innovation in your company or division

 Step 1: Define the Mission

Win with Innovation

You are the leader and it is your job to lead the people.  You need to tell them where the company/division is going.  Give them suggestions on areas to explore while also, telling them what to avoid.  Includes constrains and limitations.  By creating restrictions your team will not waste time creating and researching ideas that do not fit your mission.

Step 2: Assemble a Small Team


We will call them "explorers." These are the innovators inside your company/division -- pick the most optimistic with diverse thinking styles and skill sets. Clearly explain the mission and allow them to learn by failing -- let them know it is okay to not get it right the first time.

Step 3: Work Together

By working together with the team you will drive a game changing innovation. Create Ideas, test them, fail a lot, fail fast and learn often. Be sure that everyone on your exploration team is working together and also, getting help from the rest of the organization as needed. As the rest of the organization sees the traction this team is making they will begin to join the waves that follow.

One quick success can inspire people and show them that it is possible to innovate again. After that, it is your job to continue to lead innovation by setting the mission and teaching them an innovation system that enables them to accelerate innovation.

With my team I set the mission by using what we call a Blue Card which is a tool to help leadership lead the innovation process by identifying Very Important Problems and Opportunities and how the organization can help in addressing them.