THE Metric for an Innovation Culture

PEOPLE Engagement: The primary driver of culture change within an organization or division is education in the new mindset. The foundation of the new mindset is training and tools.

Are you curious about whether or not your company or division has an innovation culture?

Answer a few questions:

  1. What percent of staff are involved with innovation projects?
  2. What percent of staff are trained and truly educated on how to accelerate innovation projects?
  3. Innovation Team
  4. What percent of staff participate in creating ideas? This could mean they 
  5. respond to requests, submit stimulus for brainstorming sessions or participate in brainstorming sessions.

Estimate these numbers today then go to your calendar and set a reminder to answer these questions again in 2 months.

What do you think your number are going to do? Grow, stay the same or decline? How you answer will tell you if you have an innovation culture or not.