Are you an Entrepreneurial Leader?

There are FOUR dimensions to entrepreneurial leadership:

  1. STRATEGIC dimension covers the strategic leadership capacity and strategic thinking capability needed to create a coherent, unifying, integrative decision, and proactive strategy.
  2. COMMUNICATIVE dimension addresses the ability to communicate clearly the recognized opportunity and the process for innovation throughout the organization.
  3. MOTIVATIONAL dimension focuses on leadership behaviors that motivate all people in the organization to commit to making entrepreneurial decisions.
  4. PERSONAL/ORGANIZATIONAL dimension emphasizes the resource allocation to ensure creativity, discipline, and stability for the organization's resources.

(Source: Measuring entrepreneurial Leadership in Innovation Management - an Exploratory Analysis - Soebowo Musa)

The good news that I bring you is that there is a way to create or improve all of these dimensions.

If you don't have a strategy, then it is time to start doing research and create one. It will be wrong, but it will be useful and much better than not having one. As you learn you can update the strategy and get better about being proactive and creating future strategies.

entrepreneurial leadership

Once, you have a strategy, you need to communicate it to the organization. Tell them where you want to go and ask for ideas. Next thing to communicate is the organization's innovation process or system for innovation. The strategy is what you want to do, the system or process is how you are going to do it.

To help with motivation, I recommend writing a strategic mission. It involves communicating the mission in way that persuades the organization to want to help. Try and avoid using fear as a motivator, but rather speak to how it benefits them.

Lastly, the personal/organizational dimension comes down to disciplined systems. Be realistic, what are the current sales, what do you think the future looks like? Does your current investment in or budget for innovation match your strategy? Think about how you will reinvest future sales back into innovation efforts and future strategies.

I hope this sparks some ideas on how you can be a better leader and increases innovation within your organization.  When I'm working with a client I use what we call a Blue Card to communicate a company or even a projects strategic mission.