Top 6 Frustrating Business Challenges

Are you frustrated with business challenges like the following?  If so, surveys show youÕre not alone.  Click on the business challenges below to watch videos from the Innovation Engineering curriculum to learn how innovation systems can knock out these challenges.


1. Administrative - Your internal administrative processes are slow and frustrating.

2. Decision Making - It's slow and painful to make decisions about moving innovation projects through the development process. 

3. Development Capacity - You donÕt have enough internal capacity to develop the new products/services needed to meet your sales/profit goals. 

4. Customer Input - You donÕt get adequate customer input to understand their problems and to vet ideas early in the innovation process. 

5. Education - You don't have a good system for teaching employees how to innovate.

6. Problem Solving - Innovation projects are delayed due to problems that take longer than anticipated to resolve.

Innovation Engineering is a new field of study taught at 20+ universities/colleges and at Innovation College using the patent-pending Cycles to Mastery teaching methodology.  Innovation Engineering systematically enables innovation by everyone, everywhere, everyday, resulting in increased speed to market and decreased risk.