Data on Why Even Proactive Leaders Need to Continue Dramatic Invention

Is your organization proactive now? What about the future?

I define proactive as an organization who uses "Dramatic Invention" as their primary plan for growth. Meaning they prefer to lead their marketplace by creating radically new ideas, categories & customer opportunities.

We know that Innovation Cultures are proactive, they lead the marketplace. What you may not have thought about is how to continue to lead the marketplace. What happens to companies as they age?

I have bad news. Older companies are less likely to be proactive than younger organizations.

Below is a graph of year established versus percent proactive or how often they consider their growth style to be "Dramatic Invention."

Proactive Company Innovation Chart

Moral of the story is even if youÕre leading the market with dramatic invention, you might want to think about a system to enable you to be continue to lead in the future.

Also want note that there are plenty of young companies who are also not being proactive. _I donÕt expect them to be in the data set in future.