Innovation Training Principle 3: Sustain With Communication

In the last few weeks I've discussed in depth 3 Simple Principles for Thinking about Innovation Training.  We've covered starting with the willing and educate and enable.  Today lets dig into number 3: Sustain with Communication. 

innovation team

We've found the key to sustaining innovation culture change is to create the sense that people are a part of something bigger then themselves. Belonging to a group gives strength to the new mindset. It provides reinforcement, purpose, and meaning to life and work.

 Each wave of trainees we talked about previously will start their transformation together.  Maybe they meet for the first time during training and work in parallel small teams to address the same strategic objective. But often times, trainees work in different departments and it can be easy to lose track of what the other teams are up to, or how the company is progressing in general. The solution - a conscious communication plan. 

My recommendation is to find a platform to easily communicate with your employees. Publish frequently on the successes (even the small ones) and failures (yes, celebrate the failures) of your innovation efforts. I recommend total transparency when possible and encourage discussion rather than one-way announcements. 

innovation collaboration

When I'm working with a team I create one stream of communication for those who have been trained and actively working on projects to give them an internal support network and source for collaboration. Then I'll create a second one for a broader employee base so that we can generate awareness and build trust for the innovation transformation that is underway.

As a quick recap the 3 Simple Principles for Thinking About Innovation Training that I use are:

  1. Start with the Willing
  2. Educate and Enable
  3. Sustain with Communication