Structure and Innovation

I was idea mining for ideas on what to write for today's post and I came across a post from Kanella Aliferis entitled, The 3 Tactics Used to Innovate and Really Stand Out. 

Kanella talks about looking at things from another angle and also, investing in technology, but what stood out to me was how she talked about structure.

cincinnati reds innovation

Put some Structure around creating this innovative organization.  Kanella says that just like a baseball team, the innovative organization needs a guide or strategist to make all the elements work together. When you look at an organization as a team the leadership as a coach and the employees as players it is much easier to start to think about innovation systems and structure.  She shares a quote from Forbes that brings it all together, "A Baseball team can buy a lot of highly skilled players and put them on the field but unless the coach gets them to work together, the season will be a disaster."

You invest in your players (employees), spring training (executive education), management and coaches (leaders) but unless you have a plan -you just have a lot of money in a lot of unconnected moving parts.