One of the Best Innovation Tools Was First Used in The 1950s

Innovation Reset Button

When thinking about innovation and developing new ideas or systems have you ever considered just blowing up the entire thing? Hitting the reset button? Consider, you come in to work tomorrow and your #1 product no longer exists, and you can never get it back. What would you do?

In the 1950s a Vice President at Bell Laboratories introduced what he called Idealized Redesign - it is understood that out of this came voice mail, call waiting, and many other features that we take for granted today.  In the video below Dr. Russell Ackoff explains the concept to Dr. W. Edwards Deming:

(Video shared with permission from the Deming Institute)

He made a powerful statement, "If you donÕt know what youÕd do if you could do anything, then how could you possibly know what to do when you canÕt?"

The next time you and your team sit down to innovate blow up the system. Try it you never know where you might end up.