Are You Thankful For The Place You Work and Those You Work With?


Today is a day where we give thanks.  As you sit down to eat with your family and friends and give thanks for all that is in your life are you thankful for your job?  For the company that employees you?  The people that you work with every day? Before you left for the holiday did you thank the people who support you the most at work?

I read a Forbes article this morning, The 6 People at Work to Thank before Thanksgiving, but honestly I don't think we should need someone to tell us who to thank.  If you need a list are you truly thankful?  

So, today on this day of Thanksgiving take a few minutes to think about your life - do you love what you do?  

Probably, 355 days a year I wake up happy to go to work -- hey, I'd say 365, but I might be lying.  I am thankful every day for Eureka! Ranch and the people that I work with.  Remember on this day of Thanksgiving that life is too short to not be happy and thankful.  When you have a passion for the work and the mission it is not a job it is your life.

I once heard Jim Kouzes in an interview about the secret to success and he said love -- you have to truly love what you do.  With love comes happiness and success.

eureka ranch innovation engineering

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends celebrating today from Eureka! Ranch International and Innovation Engineering!

I'd love to hear what you are thankful for today?  Leave me a message in the comments.