What are your Innovation questions?

This week, IÕd like to call upon you all for help. 

I would like to ask you, a community of self-identified innovators, what are you struggling with right now? 

When it comes toÉ

  • aligning the people you work with towards a common pursuit to innovate,
  • supporting collaboration across your company or team,
  • running effective experiments and market research on new ideas,
  • inventing patentable inventions and/or filing for patents,

or implementing innovation education and training,Éwhere are you stuck? What is keeping you up at night? What are you 

innovation insomnia.jpg

secretly scared of? 

The Eureka! Ranch team and I will write future posts based on your questions. 

As a reminder, none of us are Innovation Gurus. So, donÕt expect a silver bullet solution in our response posts. What you can expect is a response that gives you a tool, process or principle that could help you build a systemic solution. WeÕd rather enable you to overcome the issue, and in turn build your capabilities as an innovation leader. 

Thanks in advance!