Uncertainty to Further Learning

We donÕt know what we donÕt know.As we work and do our normal routine we fall into patterns and roles where weÕre comfortable. Maybe youÕre better doing the behind the scenes work while the people you work with are better at the customer facing interactions.We become specialists in what we do and perfect the methods and skills that we use to do it.While this helps us create a reliable system it discourages us to look at the whole and we miss the details of what is happening in the areas we arenÕt a part of.


The challenge is to take the time and swap roles with the people you work with.The next time youÕre working with a team that you normally work with do the role you never do instead of the one you always do.By experiencing it from another angle youÕll learn more than you could ever learn by doing it the "normal" way.It will be uncomfortable and it wonÕt be as smooth as it normally is but if you work through it youÕll be able to see a whole new world; a different flow to the activity, different perspectives on how things work, things that you never even thought could be a part of it.Then youÕll be able to take what you learned about the whole and see how the parts interact and apply it back to your normal work.For a single time of uncertainty you can improve the norm and improve the system as a whole.So the next time you feel comfortable swap roles with those you work with and feel uncomfortable to learn more.