Tapping Into Hearts and Minds with Intrinsic Motivation

"Team, this year I have read a book about the importance of intrinsic rewards," said the CEO, "in lieu of raises I have decided to double the number of intrinsic motivations you will receive."

Oh boy,not much good could come from this, right?

The general corporate wisdom says, "What gets rewarded gets done."  Accordingly the spreadsheet wizards have created amazingly complex extrinsic rewards such as bonuses, stock options, gain sharing, as well as perks, prestige and position.

But what about these intrinsic rewards, what are these?Some common sources of intrinsic motivation include:

Knowledge:the pursuit of knowledge motivates many peopleÉhaving spent the last four hours researching what experts say about intrinsic motivation has been very rewarding to me, in fact, having this forum to explore topics is a form of intrinsic motivation.

Responsibility:giving someone added responsibility can be a strong inspiration for your employees.Responsibility gives someone the opportunity to be thought of as a leader within the organization.

employee motivation.jpg

Recognition:being recognized as part of a top performing team is a source of pride and motivation.

Accomplishment:  reminding your employees of their accomplishments through company newsletters or intranet can be a significant source of intrinsic motivationÉeven something as simple as saying "thank you for a job well done".

Authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner in their book The Leadership Challenge, say, "Éawareness of the human need for challenge and this sensitivity to the human need to succeed at that challenge are among the critical balancing skills of any leader."

Well defined roles for your innovation teams can be a source of intrinsic motivation.For example,

Employees:recognized as the energy source, persistently working to overcome the challenges and gaining in knowledge through rapid learning cycles,

Managers:deep understanding of the Big Picture, recognized for bringing diverse parts of the organization together to accomplish the Leap innovation,

Collaboration Teams:gaining and sharing knowledge through stimulus mining, idea doubling and creating ideas, recognized as part of the team

Maybe it is time to revise our old general corporate wisdom.As Kouzes and Posner write, "what is rewarding gets done.  We can never pay people enough to careÉ.true leaders tap into peopleÕs hearts and minds, not merely their hands and wallets."

Is your innovation program designed to tap into the power of intrinsic motivations?Are your people bringing their hearts and minds to work, or just their hands and wallets?

Call us at Eureka! Ranch, we can help you tap the power of intrinsic motivation with clear roles and a system guaranteed to provide success for your team.