Why Can't STEM methods be for adults too?

If you were to look in any motivated progressive school district these days, all the way from upper-elementary through middle and high school, you will see evidence of STEM being taught at the heart of the curriculum.  Educators began realizing that the push over the last couple decades towards more and more standardized tests was creating a generation of smart knowledgable adults that were less likely to get down and dirty and "make" things to solve problems.

The foundation of STEM being the primary academic disciplines of Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in which learners utilize the "Plan, Do, Study, Act" cycle (also sometimes referred to as "Research, Design, Build, Test, Improve").


Teaching our youth to solve their own problems by tinkering, making, coding, inventing sure sounds like it is pretty great.  Why donÕt most corporations have this same mindset for their employees?

Evidence suggests that many corporate leaders focus on the end result instead of whether the team used any structured cycles of learning.  If we donÕt do quick tests to rule out an idea, whoÕs to say that idea doesnÕt make it too far in development before we realize it just isnÕt going to work?

Allow your employees and teams the flexibility to do tests, try things, make crummy prototypes - so they can rule things out and solve problems before they impact your companyÕs bottom line.

STEM is obviously good enough for our children.  It should be good enough for us adults too - weÕre not any better off than the youth, you might say we need it even more!

Innovation Engineering can help your company become more youthful again by implementing a culture of more cycles of learning being the norm.