Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Innovation?

Artificial intelligence has been making the news quite a bit lately. From winning strategy games, assisting online teaching, learning linguistics, and driving cars to creating art.

artificial intelligence and innovation

One article I read recently was about what jobs computers could never replace. Needless to say, I disagreed with the authorÕs list. Not because I think AI will replace these jobs, but because it is naive to think that a computer could never preform the functions of an author, teacher, chef, etc.

But then I got to the final job on his list: Entrepreneur.

Everyday I work on new systems and tools that enable people to innovate. What would it look like if instead of programming tools for our clients, the tool just innovated for them. As I break down our system for innovation, thinking of ways each step could be replaced with code, I realize the real limits of computers.

It is not in the creation of the ideas or the development or even the mission of an organization. The real constraint is the resources to make it all happen. See even a company run by robots would need resources to invest in innovation. Money to be spent on patents, research, materials, prototypes, marketing, etc.

The point of this post isnÕt to convince you to invest in AI to do all your innovation. Instead it is to invest in your people to do innovation. I can teach your people to innovate the same way I would code a computer. What I canÕt do is fund them to make it happen. 

As we look to the future and leading innovation, letÕs stop and think about if we are dedicating enough resources to be successful. AI will become a useful tool for innovation and could even one day innovate for us. But why would we want it to? This shit is fun. That would be like having a robot play my guitar, drink my beer, or play with my daughter at the park. No thank you.