Ahhhhhhhhhh, finally summertime is here.

Time to kickback and have a summertime beer ...err, or maybe not.Turns out that SUMMERTIME was registered for beer and ale back in 1998.

How about a SUMMERTIME Coffee or not.


SUMMERTIME BLEND was registered for coffee back in 1995. 

Well, if I canÕt enjoy some SUMMERTIME beer or coffee, maybe I will relax and put on my summertime sunscreen to protect myself in the afternoon sun.

DoÕh!Apparently SUMMERTIME was also trademarked back in 2007, so I guess I canÕt call it that.

Mmmmmm, this is frustrating. 

Finding the right name for a product or service is hard for most marketing.Finding a name that explains your product and is appealing to potential customers is stressful enough.However, add on the complexity of also being able to protect the name or even just get clearance that you are not infringing anotherÕs product name can drive a leader crazy.

All too often I have worked with clients that came to me to file for trademarks, and they only brought a single name to me.They were all in.They had batted different names around with co-workers, friends, and family and found the PERFECT name ...only to have me be the bad guy who has to say "no" because someone else has already federally registered the same name in a similar product. 

They then have to start back at the beginning because they didnÕt have a fall-back and had already wed themselves to the one name they had.

When I work with clients in protecting names, it is no exaggeration that we may do a trademark search on 30-40 different names before we can even narrow it down one that we are able to potentially protect.

If you are working with a marketing department or outside marketer, suggest that they collaborate with a trademark attorney who can quickly do searching on potential names as they are being developed.

And it is not a linear process, nor is it silo of responsibilities.As the list of names are being developed, best practice is to share those names, in batches, to a trademark attorney who can work through that batch of names and make suggestions back to marketing.

By collaborating, you will find the speed will increase, the risk will go down, and you are more likely to have a name that you can use and protect, whether it is summertime, autumn, winter, or springtime.

OK, well, if I canÕt have a SUMMERTIME beer without getting a cease and desist letter, maybe I should settle for a summertime blend of coffee (since it really isnÕt 5:00 here yet).