When Is It Time To Start?

I Remember taking my son to a baseball game on a really hot summer afternoon.He was very young and anxious to see his favorite players.We had gotten to the stadium early as I have an aversion to parking in a different time zone than where the game is played.


The home team made a great effort at entertaining the crowd up to game time.But no matter what singer, no matter what silly contest, no matter how much of a light show was put up, my son kept asking "When will they start??"All that mattered was starting the game.

Then how many times do you see the batter walk up to the plate,

Éhe spits

Éhe adjusts his shirt on the left shoulder

Éthen he adjusts the right shoulder


Ésets his helmet

Égrinds his left foot into the dirt

Éloosens and tightens his grip


Égrinds his right foot down

Éadjusts his crotch


Éwhips the bat around a time or two

Échecks third base coach for signal


Éslow rotation of the bat

Éadjusts left foot


Then the pitcher starts

Éball in glove


Églove to mouth

Éstare at catcher


for Ernie BankÕs Sake!Will somebody play baseball!!


So, we all know our systems are inadequate to support the pace of innovation required to be competitive today.

We all know everyoneÕs plate is full, nobody has spare time.

You donÕt know exactly what to doÉbut then, nobody does.

Looking for the industry guru?Stop, there arenÕt any gurus.

Trying to be a fast follower?The view is the same in second place as it is in last.

Nothing happens until a pitcher winds up and throws the ball.

Nothing happens until a kicker kicks off

Nothing happens until the tip off

Nothing happens until the face-off, and

Nothing happens until you decide to start.


Ernie Banks , Mr. Cub, was one of baseballs most talented stars.  He played his entire major league career for the Chicago Cubs, never appeared in a World Series game but never lost his love for baseball.  He is famous for looking out at the sky on a sunny day and saying, "What a great day for baseball! LetÕs play two!"

Rain or shine, win or lose, it is a great time to start something new, letÕs go for two, we are here to help.