We‰'re halfway through 2016 - What have you learned?

Something I learned from my boss Doug Hall, the founder of the Eureka! Ranch is to stop and reflect often. This reflection is built into our culture, our corporate habits, and our client work. 


Every time we walk out of a meeting, we all know the inevitable question is going to come from Doug. "What did you learn?" Every morning, we have an all-staff meeting to review the dayÕs priorities, but each personÕs contribution to the meeting starts with a key insight or learning from the previous day. We even engage our clients and partners in routine reflection. We ask participants in our training and inventing sessions to reflect at the beginning and ending of each day with a round of, "What did you learn?"

The question has no right or wrong answers and no one is keeping track of your responses. The point is to make us stop and think, so that we become aware of our own journey and evolution as an employee, a facilitator, a teacher, and a leader. 

As a result, I know it has made me more conscious of how my own work and our organizationÕs work is progressing. I am more aware of the bigger picture when I am mentally prepping for this question, one that I know is coming. Taking a few minutes each morning to reflect on the previous dayÕs efforts to glean an insight and remember a lesson learned is a meaningful way to start the day. And having to express that lesson out loud to the other people I work with is what makes the behavior stick. 

So, I ask you a simple question as we round the bend on 2016. What have you learned?  How have you changed as a person, an employee, a leader? 

If youÕre curious what the answer to this question might be for those that you work with, (and if you want to be blown away by your team) schedule a Learning Summit where each person shares three of their major learnings since Jan 1. 

Below is a link to a reflection sheet with prompts we often use: