Pitfalls of Working Around the Globe

In todayÕs age collaborating with people around the globe is easier than ever.WeÕre at a point where working remotely is almost as easy as working with those in the same room as you.The trouble comes in when you need to make major changes.When a major change is needed the delay in email or messaging and the impersonal nature of video conferencing can hinder progress to a significant extent.


To combat this itÕs important to take the time once or twice a year to get together in the same room with those you collaborate with.Go to a more remote place where no one will be distracted by the daily going ons of work and dedicate yourselves to the change that is needed.With full dedication you can turn even just 3 days a year into significant milestones for your company. 

Isolating yourselves and giving your team the chance to come together means what ever it is youÕre trying to change will get the time it needs and the face to face collaboration that is required.As long as you have a plan going into the time youÕll come out the other side better than you ever could through video conferencing.Without a plan you can end up in a pitfall of everyone pushing their own agenda and nothing being accomplished.So take the time to create a plan and take your team on a working retreat to push that change forward.I challenge you to think of a change that has been talked about or even tried for months or years and imagine a world where you have a dedicated team spend 3 full days working on nothing but that.How much better of a place would it be in after such a short time?