3 Reasons an Idea Ships

There are lots of reasons why ideas ship and plenty more why they donÕt. I wanted to use this blog post to highlight the real reasons why a core innovation I developed shipped.

Reason Number 1: It solved a PROBLEM.

Innovation Problem Solution

The customerÕs problem was that it is difficult to resolve killer issues within a project. My idea was to make it easy to problem solve by immediately providing helpful stimulus with a click of a button.

But it wasnÕt enough to just solve the customers'problem, it also solved a problem for us that the current TRIZ tool wasnÕt being used as much as it should be based on how effective it is.

Reason Number 2: It was on MISSION.

This idea did not fit with any of our current top priorities, but it was still in line enough with our mission not to get killed.We are trying to change the world by enabling everyone to innovate. An instant problem solving tool fits into that mission of enabling, so when it came time to needing more resources, I knew I could justify its existence.

Reason Number 3: It was FUN.

It was fun to improve the TRIZ tool. It was fun to solve a customerÕs problem. It was fun to create the predictive logic to make it work. It was fun to fail. It was fun to learn. It was fun to try and fail again. It was fun to get feedback and see other peopleÕs excitement. It was fun to take a break from our top priorities to build something cool. It Is fun to see the look on someoneÕs face who has no clue how what you just built is possible.

When an idea is fun to develop and you actually care about it succeeding, then it is easy to go the extra mile or work the extra hours to make it happen. Innovation doesnÕt always have to be fun, but making it less painful certainly helps. You can do this my improving the system and enabling people to work on ideas that they are passionate about.

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