3 Tips to Increase Your Innovation Speed

Lets Get right to it...

1. Write It Down.  Sounds simple, and writing down what your innovation is serves two purposes. 

Increasing Innovation Speed

First it forces you to focus on what the innovation truly is and what its benefits are.  Think about how different it is when you read a description of something versus having someone tell you about it.  The written version, if done properly, is going to be more focused and to the point.  And that's important when you consider that eventually your consumers may only see a written description of your innovation - usually in the form of the product package.

Writing down your invention also helps get your invention out of your head so others can help you improve upon it.  Which brings us to our next tipÉ

2. Collaborate.  Yes, itÕs the new "synergy" buzzword, but it does have amazing benefits.  Bringing different minds together and sharing the collective knowledge increases innovation speed faster than most anything.  When we can acknowledge we donÕt know everything and can accept input from others, we can more quickly understand deficiencies in our innovation, see different angles for improving it, and find new benefits and features that you would not have found on your own.

3. Research.  Research is not a one-time thing.  As you start your innovation, you should be researching online and patent databases for similar innovations that you will need to work around or improve upon.  As you develop your innovation concept, research with potential consumers will help support the path you are taking or help redirect you to the right path.  And even when you think you have a finalized product or service, researching in a small test market helps you work out the kinks in your marketing, production processes, and pricing.

Consider this trifecta of innovation tips on your next innovation and see your innovation speed increase.

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