Are You Out of Touch With Your Innovation Boundaries?

I recently read a post about the difficulties of becoming of CTO and the struggles of no longer being part of the "doing the menial work" crowd as it relates to a web programming department of an organization.

The job of the leader in this instance isnÕt to be on the forefront finding and implementing new technologies, but instead to provide guidance on which technologies can be implemented - and when - based on the information provided by the person that researched it.

Setting Innovation Boundaries

So often the leader of an organization or department sets boundaries on how far the employees can go with their research, "because IÕm the leader and I know from experience what is best". How do you know what is best now compared to when you WERE in the trenches?Are you prematurely limiting the research based on your prior experience in an ever fast changing market?

Such is the case with innovation within an organization. New ideas or technologies are tossed in the trash before at least a little due diligence has been done on them.Were the ideas too progressive?Too Risky? Too resource intensive?WeÕll never know, because you allowed yourbias to overrule those that actually have their ear to the tracks watching for the next great train to come along.

You wouldnÕt walk into the nearest elementary or high school and tell the teachers not to allow the students to stretch their boundaries of educational discoveries would you?Maybe we should be giving our employees the benefit of the doubt too - because maybe that next discovery will be the one that makes your company great.

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