3 Signs Your Project is DOA

1. Lack of Project Clarity

Clearly if no one else understands the project being worked on, it is going to be hard to get everyone moving in the right direction.  And yet, this is a top reason why projects get killed or slowly disappear.

How can you overcome this?  As a start, write down a definition of what the project is, an ideal customer for the project, and what the project solves for that ideal customer's problem.  

Once it is written down, it becomes less ethereal and a sort of first vetting of the project.  It also tests how others understand the project from the perspective of both the project team as well as for the potential customer. 

2.  No Alignment to the organization's mission

If you come up with an amazing project centered around a delicious new chocolate candy bar, and you work for an organization that makes laundry detergent, it is safe to assume that your project is not going to be aligned with the organization's mission.  

However, if you have the same amazing chocolate candy bar idea for your company, that also happens to be a candy company, alignment is needed for the project to successfully go forward. 

Even if the chocolate candy project is awesome, the company may strategically be focusing on non-chocolate candies and thus your chocolate-based candy idea may not something that would necessarily make sense for an allocation of resources.  

So, be sure that the project that you are spending your time and resources on is aligned with where the organization's leadership wants to focus attention. And if it isn't and you cannot otherwise show why the organization should work on the project, you're going to be spinning your wheels and not going anywhere fast.  

3.  You're doing it alone

The most successful projects at any organization take more than a single person.  Even if there is someone with a huge passion for the project or a true project leader, others on the team are needed to help move it through the organization's pipeline and into the hands of the customers.

Doing it alone also diminishes the mental stimulus and diversity of thinking that every project benefits from.  

Keep your project thriving and succeeding by having project clarity, alignment with leadership, and working with a diverse group of thinkers.