4 Ways To Use The Summer Reset To Your Advantage


With the dog days of summer still upon us and kids starting to head back to school (finally!), what are the ways that we can take advantage of the “summer reset” (or summer slump) that seems to happen in many companies these days due to the expanse of employees on vacations at any one point during the summer?

I’m sure at least most of you have experienced it. You look up one day in July or August and realize you are holding down the fort with a skeleton crew, or maybe all by yourself if you are in a small business. I hope for your sake you were able to be one of those relaxing on the beach or in the mountains at some point as well.

All this downtime. Not enough members of a project team to have meetings. No management coach to give the OK for project decisions. What should we do?

Here are 4 ideas to use the remainder of this summer or in the future:

  1. When the crew numbers are lite, pair up with one or two others to do some rapid cycles of learning on a dormant or radical idea to see if it has merit or can be shot down quickly to thin out the noise.
  2. When your workload is looking a little lean, fire up some related online learning websites to give that extra bit of knowledge or expertise to jump start your projects when they pick back up.
  3. When an employee comes back from a refreshing vacation, they aren’t likely going to be in the mindset the very first day or two to get back at the grind - so think about doing Stimulus Mining Sessions, or Problem Solving Sessions to jump start their thinking about the matters at hand while their minds are refreshed.
  4. Lastly, while disconnecting ourselves from our work while on vacation is often difficult, a good compromise that will also give benefit is picking up a book to open your mind to something new in your line of work, or improved way of doing or thinking about various methods we employ on a daily basis.

Here’s hoping you can carry on into the fall that refreshed feeling of the summer picnics, lemonade, seeing friends and family and relaxing on the beach.