A REAL Opportunity of a Lifetime for Canadian Inventors

Hi folks The Eureka! Ranch team - myself, Maggie and Maggie filmed a TV show pilot.

We got lucky and have been picked up for 14 episodes to air starting in April.

Basically - we go to people's homes - talk to them about their invention

The good ones come to the Eureka! Ranch (in Toronto)

The Ranch team take them an intensive Innovation Engineering experience.

At the end of the show they pitch a REAL CEO

In the pilot - Both Inventors got cash offers!

It's real people, real inventions, real coaching pitching real CEO's (unlike American Inventor - fake people, fake inventions, fake everything...)

We are casting for people for January filming  - they have to be Canadian

Please put the word out....they will be treated with respect (Honest and Helpful as we say)

Have them contact Corie at the Ranch 513 271-9911.

This is the REAL DEAL.