Announcing - Innovation Engineering Green Belt

When asked if managers were doing enough to lead the transformation Dr. Deming was famous for answering the question with the question "How could they know?" Every day I understand "How could they know?" more and more.  I believe that no one is actually against innovation.  If they were - that would mean they don't want more profitable products, services, customers or markets.  The challenge is that they don't know how to innovate.  They don't have a system, a structure, a method for creating, communicating and commercializing innovations.

Innovation Engineering transforms innovation from a random art to a reliable system.  A system that is 1) grounded in research on  26,000+ innovations, 100,000+ innovators, 2) proven in the real world with over $6.8 Billion of ideas in active development, 250% increase in development success rates) and 3) that increases innovation speed (up to 6x) and decreases risk (30 to 80%).

Our primary deep dive education systems have included: Innovation Engineering Black Belts and the Innovation Engineering Minor plus Graduate Certificates on campus.

Today we are excited to announce the Innovation Engineering Green Belt Program.   It's a hands on approach to training where participants learn the Innovation Engineering mindset by applying it to a Very Important Problem or Opportunity facing your organization. Waves of I.E. Green Belt and Black Belt projects help you grow a culture of never ending innovation.

The video below outlines how it works:

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START:  A Leadership Meeting to discuss what are the company's or the department's Very Important Problems and Opportunities (VIP/VIO).  Classic options include: New Customers and Markets (domestic, export, on shoring), New or Improved Products/Services, Sales and Marketing Message Innovation, Lean Innovation, Sustainability, .

LEARN: A team of volunteers are taught the Innovation Engineering Mindset through three weeks of 2 hour classes using the patent pending Cycles to Mastery™ system used on Campus and to teach Black Belts.

CREATE: A 2 hour stimulus mining class on the VIP/VIO objective prepares the team for a half day Innovation Engineering Create session.

COACH:  6 Weeks of discovery coaching refines and optimizes the ideas so that a smart go / no go decision can be made.  The improved clarity increases speed and decreases risk in development.

Employees who participate in the 12 week sequence - investing about 2 hours a week - and who complete a few individual Lab class assignments and a reflection on what they learned are then certified Innovation Engineering Green Belts

The program is available from certified Innovation Engineering Black Belts.  If you don't know one contact the Eureka! Ranch at 513.310.6374 and we will find one for you.