Announcing Innovation Engineering Leadership 3.0

Good Morning, We are proud to announce the third version of Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute (IELI)

IELI 1.0 Started in Maine at Sugarloaf in January 2010 - It focused on tools.

IELI 2.0 was spring of 2011 - it added the Innovation Engineering Management System

IELI 3.0 is focused on QUICK STARTING  the process.

It compresses a normal 6 week start up into just 2.5 days.

It's designed for teams of 4 to 8 people from an organization.

The amount of time focussed on applying the tools and system to your business has nearly tripled from 22% of the time to 59% of the time.

Companies leave the program with 90+ Yellow Cards - two ideas defined in IE Labs - and a plan of action.

The video posted at the website that this post comes from gives an overview of the NEW IELI 3.0 program and benefits. 

Key to making the new approach work is a patent pending PDSA Cycles to Mastery teaching method.

If you'd like to experience the New approach you can join us in

Washington State October 15 to 17

Pennsylvania November 12 to 14.

For more info visit