Are You Enjoying Your Work?

“There is nothing better for a man to do than to eat and drink and enjoy himself in return for his labors.”Deming Office This quote from Ecclesiastes 2:24 was hand written on the note pad on the top of Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s desk in his basement office when he passed away.

I learned this when I presented an Innovation Engineering Leadership Institute in Dr. Deming's home town of Powell Wyoming.   After the event I was given a set of Deming videos that included one taken of Dr. Deming’s office shortly after he died. The screen shot above is from that video.

That video and quote came to mind recently when at the conclusion of a recent Innovation College one of the Innovation Engineering Black Belt students said, “We need to do Innovation Engineering at our company not just because it will help us make more money and grow. We need to do it because it will make working at our company a lot more fun.”

Stop and Think - Are You Enjoying Your Work?

In today's world of epidemic fear  -- fear for our job - fear for our company’s future - fear for our planet - Dr. Deming encourages us to find joy in work.

He would often begin his lectures stating...

"Why are we here?
 We are here to come alive,
 to have fun, to have joy in work"

Dr. Deming believed that the person most responsible for the worker’s job was management. He proclaimed...

"The aim of management, management’s job,
 is to enable everybody to enjoy his work."

"Management’s overall aim should be to create a system in which everybody
 may take joy in his work."

"Management’s job is to create an environment where everybody may take joy in his work."

Workers find joy in work when leadership invests the time, energy and money needed to help create a culture of never ending innovation.

Workers find joy in work when they get to create and take action on ideas that are meaningful to customers, the company and most important of all to themselves personally.

Workers find joy in work when they are learning, thinking, and empowered to create innovations that enable a better future than exists today for the company, your customers and your industry. How could they know?

The truth is 98% or more of senior managers don’t know how to create a culture of innovation. They’ve never been taught. They’ve never experienced what an innovation culture feels like.

The good news is that thousands across the globe are learning how to lead the creation of a culture of innovation. When you are ready to learn - call me directly at the Eureka! Ranch - I will find you a teacher or a course - on a university campus, community college, or here at the Eureka! Ranch that is right for you and your organization.

The key is to DO SOMETHING. As Dr. Deming said.

"It’s so easy to do nothing It’s a challenge to do something. Learning is not compulsory; it’s voluntary. Improvement is not compulsory; it’s voluntary. But to survive, we must learn. The penalty for ignorance is that you get beat up. There is no substitute for knowledge. Yet time is of the essence."

Enjoy your work today!

This post is the first from the new public blog.   Initially the blog features Maggie Nichols and myself.  Over this year more bloggers will be added.  And, the "best of Brain Brew" - the private blog for Innovation Engineering Black Belts will also be published once a week.

I'm in Lafayette Louisiana this week as part of their Innov8 Lafayette Innovation Celebration. I will be presenting Innovation Engineering Experience - a one day event designed to help company leadership teams see, feel, experience and understand how they can make innovation systemic instead of sporadic.


p.s. All is in preparation for the International Innovation Engineering Conference.   We hope to broadcast the opening keynote live at 8:00 EST for about an hour next Monday April 29th.  A formal announcement on broadcast will be sent out Thursday - following final technical tests.