Balancing Speed and Discipline

One thing people love about Innovation Engineering to the constant cycles of learning. There is always something new to discover or an idea to test and improve. When you embrace the mindset, failing fast and cheap becomes fun. Plus the tools give you methods to move even faster and learn more. What people don’t always love is the documentation. 

It is important to document what you did as well as what you learned. Pausing to think is incredibly beneficial. But let’s be honest, it is not nearly as much fun as doing the next experiment. 

I could mention all the reasons to document your learnings and all the consequences of moving too fast in hopes that you will change your behavior. I won’t though. I know that won’t work. I’m lucky that you paused long enough to read this post. Instead I’m working on a change to our system. That’s right I’m practicing what we preach. 

A new website I’m working on wraps the tools in a Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle of learning. My theory is that by putting the tools to move faster and think bigger inside the “Do” step, at least what you did while be documented and you may also be more likely to fill in those plan and study boxes. I could be wrong and I know that I have more to learn. Which is why I’m running a fast and disciplined experiment. Again practicing what we preach. 

If you would like to be considered for the experiment shoot me an email at