Be a Warrior not a Whiner!

Good Morning Innovators The research is clear - companies that have higher ratings on the following dimensions are more likely to fail..

“We are more customer focused than our competition.

We measure customer satisfaction systematically and frequently.

We believe our business exists primarily to serve our customers.”

Quite simply in today's world - being "reactive" means you are always behind.  You will always be a frustrated follower.  In fact - data from multiple studies shows that companies who are focused on customer insight, low cost, high quality and or quick delivery are regularly less profitable than those who are innovators.   A new report out by the Bank of Canada today - confirms that deflation is occurring everywhere.  The only way to beat the downward pressure on pricing in today's internet connected market is you have to be MEANINGFULLY UNIQUE.

Companies that WIN in today's world are PROACTIVE Innovators - they are leading their customers and markets.   They take responsibility for they destiny.  They are WARRIORS not WHINERS!

These companies have higher ratings on the following dimensions...

“We help customers anticipate developments in their markets

We innovate even at the risk of making our own products obsolete

We continuously try to discover additional needs of our customers of which they are unaware.”

Dr. Deming preached this.  He felt that the job of the leader was one of prediction.  He said we need to focus on "getting ahead of the customer."    

The challenge is - CEO's feel that innovation is risky and it takes a long time.   Fortunately it doesn't have to.    Dr. Deming taught that we could have high quality and low cost by reducing variation in the system.  So to --- you can have increased speed and decreased risk by applying a disciplined engineering mindset to innovation.

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