Being Ok with Looking Dumb


In today’s information age with anything you could possibly want to know just a search away it’s easy to feel like we know everything. We’ve become experts in every field as no information is out of our reach and we never have to say “I don’t know”. But the truth is there’s still plenty we don’t know and there are things even Google can’t teach us. When we reach these moments of uncertainty it’s important to be able to admit that you don’t know to turn a moment of ignorance into a moment of learning.

There’s experts out there in every field and while we can look up basic information their vast knowledge and ability to apply that information outweighs anything a search can provide us. When we don’t know something these are the people we should turn to. Take the time to seek them out and ask them for their advice. While it sounds simple and easy enough to do in reality our ego gets in the way. We want to know everything and look like we don’t need help from anyone. But they’re experts for a reason and until we can admit we don’t know and we need help we’ll continue to live in ignorance, even if we act like we know everything.