I bring you good news… there are some amazing things happening.   

BIG VICTORY:  The Eureka! Ranch’s BRAIN BREW Craft Whisk(e)y Distillery did the impossible.  In the world’s most prestigious craft whiskey competition - every Brain Brew product scored HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (90 points plus) or EXCEPTIONAL (95 points plus).   This is unheard of results for any craft distillery.  Even more impressive it happened in 2.5 years not 12 or 18 years.  THE SECRET TO OUR SUCCESS …. The Innovation Engineering mindset and methods.   YES - the same stuff that I’m teaching next Tuesday and Wednesday at the course described below under ONCE IN A LIFETIME.

TEAM TRUTHS:  This Friday APRIL 6th the TRUTH about TEAMS will be discussed and debated in a free webinar with the world’s expert on whole brain team thinking - Anne Herrmann-Nehdi and myself.  

Eureka! Ranch quantitative research finds that diversity has an exponential impact on the creation of wow ideas.  HOWEVER if we’re honest - it just doesn’t happen today’s world.   Survey’s indicate 95% of employees say their organization doesn’t collaborate well.  

Anne and I will have an HONEST DEBATE and DISCUSSION on HOW TO REALLY IGNITE COLLABORATION in today’s world. .  To sign up to watch it live or to get notified of the video click here.

ONCE IN A LIFETIME:  Next Tuesday and Wednesday APRIL 10 & 11 there is a once in a lifetime experience - to get inside the Ranch’s innovation process.  I lead next generation innovations - and will be leading a special Innovation Engineering Quick Start course.  It will feature a beta test of some new digital tools specially designed to help INDIVIDUALS think bigger, bolder, faster and smarter then ever.  I’m using them 6 to 13 times a day!   THEY WORK!  As we will be doing experiments this course is at a special price and will features special bonuses.  To learn more click here.