Call for Papers & Presenters for Innovation Engineering Conference

The 2015  Innovation Engineering International Conference will be held June 21 to 23 at the Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnati Ohio. There will also be a  one day Pre Conference session for IE Network Members on Saturday June 20th.

The theme this year is “Making the LEAP to LEAP Innovations!" 

Seating at the actual conference will be limited - the Internet Broadcast will not be.   The registration policy will be announced April 1, 2015.   The one SURE WAY to get a seat at the conference itself is to provide a written paper and or do a presentation :).

FORMAL CALL for presentations and papers for the 2015 Innovation Engineering International Conference.  

The conference committee has announced the topics of interest for the 2015 conference.   Presentations can be on tools, systems or real world case studies on your organization's journey with with “Making the LEAP to LEAP Innovations!" 

 Note, we respect that what is a CORE versus a LEAP innovation is different for each organization.  Presentations should deal with how you and or your organization stretched to a new level of LEAP then ever before.

Your presentation can be based on what you've learned as you went from raw idea to SHIPPING.

It can be based on what you learned in your journey getting others engaged in the Innovation Engineering mindset.

It can be based on what you've learned, studied, discovered on how to Educate, Collaborate, Fail FAST Fail CHEAP,  Navigate Patents, Gain Vertical Alignment (strategy to tactics) or Gain Horizontal Alignment (Across Departments).

The submission of presentation proposals should be in the format of a Yellow Card in sufficient detail that we can fully understand your proposal.  Those interested in being considered for presenting should e-mail them to Doug at the Eureka! Ranch for review by the Innovation Engineering Institute eduction curriculum team at the Eureka! Ranch and University of Maine.  Deadline for submissions is April 1, 2015.

Presentation options include a written paper for distribution to the community or a formal and or a formal short form or long form presentation to the world wide audience at the conference and connected up via internet video broadcast. .

Call for  Spark Deck Presenters:  We are also looking for Innovation Engineering Black Belts to give 6 slide spark deck presentations on the future of Innovation for the Tuesday CREATE Session.   The slides can be on  Wisdom, Patent, Insight, Market, Future, Unrelated mining or a combination.  They should be “Disruptive and Divergent” in keeping with the teachings in CREATE 3.0.