DEVELOP is the most FUN and offers the greatest LEVERAGE

Good Morning from Hong Kong, Innovation Engineering's success at the “Fuzzy Front End” of innovation development systems is becoming legendary.   It enables more LEAP innovations.  It's FASTER.  It reduces RISK.  And quite simply it's a ton of FUN.   AND to be clear - having clarity before going into DEVELOP results in a 250% improvement in Develop success.  However this is just the start of what the Innovation Engineering mindset can do to drive increased innovation speed and decreased risk.

It is in DEVELOPMENT that the greatest gains can be realized.  AND in truth where there is even more FUN to be had.   Yes - you read that right - I'm saying that DEVELOP can be and in fact should be the place where you have the most FUN with innovations. was embraced at the front is lost as we move into development.    TeamFun

DEVELOP is more FUN because:

1. In DEVELOP you get invest REAL time in the innovation. Now that the project has become "real"  management has committed real resources - Time, Energy and Money to it.  Thus, instead of working it part time - you get to make it your full time job.  It's a real project with a real budget  that is a real priority for the organization.

2. In DEVELOP there is more "confront reality" conversations and less "theory." Because you are working on a VERY IMPORTANT (Opportunity or System) for the company there is an engagement by management that wasn't there before.  Recall - smart Management understands that their greatest leverage on an innovation is in the early stages - as opposed to the later stages when development is near completion and all they can do is say yes, no or delay :).

3. A Great DEVELOP Team Experience  ROCKS!  There is a real spirit that emerges among the team.  Many people say these moments - when actually developing an innovation are among the most rewarding of their career.   Key to  this  is having a very small team (3 to 8) is what research says) that is very dedicated (50 to 100% of their time allocated to it).  This is as opposed to a system where 90% of the people on the project are spending only 10% or less of their time - resulting in less engagement.  In addition - the team members must have been personally selected and asked to join by the project leader - and volunteered to join - not told to join.  The result of this selection and volunteering approach is an instant bond and shared interest.

For the COMPANY - the good news is that DEVELOP offers the greatest leverage  for Increasing Speed and Decreasing Risk.   By following the Innovation Engineering DEVELOP principles at Procter & Gamble - a small team that I led were able to create and ship 9 innovations in 12 months.   Further, an independent audit by the Procter & Gamble Finance department found that with this mindset our team could develop an innovation with 10 percent of the staff, in 16 percent of the time & at 18 percent of the cost versus the classic development system working on a comparable project. 


To be clear - these kinds of DEVELOPMENT  improvements can only be realized with a SMARTER Development system.   And the only way that these types of improvements can be realized is if senior management sees Increasing Development Speed and Decreasing Risk as VERY IMPORTANT.

Quite simply - fixing the front end - then beating the workers to work harder and faster in develop will not work.   Just like we put in a smarter system at the front end of innovation - so too we must put in a smarter system for DEVELOP and that means making a real commitment to it.

As we look across the Innovation Engineering Movement we see that projects in DEFINE and DISCOVER are doing very well - that's not to say that we can't get smarter - but frankly they're doing very well.  The area where we are seeing major challenges is in DEVELOP.  The good news is it doesn't have to be this way - there are reproducible systems for improving DEVELOP 

Given the importance of improving DEVELOP - 2014 has has been designated the year of DEVELOPMENT ACCELERATION for Innovation Engineering.   To that end our annual conference this year will focus on development — the theme is The 94% Solution to Increasing DEVELOPMENT Speed & Decreasing Risk. 

At the conference we will introduce the 5 Pillars for Development System improvement.  You already know the conceptual concepts - however how they are applied to DEVELOP will be new. In addition to human systems for smarter development we will also introduce the first generation of digital tools designed to give the most leverage in increasing Development Speed & Decreasing Development Risk.

Sadly, in person attendance at the conference is SOLD OUT.   If you are unsure of your registration – or are an IE Network partner or Large Company Participant that has been missed contact Corie at the Eureka! Ranch ASAP!

Given the importance of accelerating DEVELOPMENT  - we are going to broadcast 100% of the educational sessions.  There will be 4 webinars. You only need to register once – then can sign in for any of the sessions.

Monday April 14  - Morning Session 

Monday April 14  - Afternoon Session

Tuesday April 15 – Morning Session 

Tuesday April 15 - Afternoon Session

For all content areas DIGITAL Classes will be presented LIVE followed by LAB Classes to reinforce the learning.  Those watching On-Line will do the same LAB classes as those in attendance. They will also be able to submit their questions - via audio and text during the event as well.  We are anticipating well over 1,000 attendees from around the world!

All presentations will be broadcast using  advanced broadcasting technology.  Actual content for each session will be announced as we get closer to the event.   Note – the webinar series has a cap as well – so if you want to attend via webinar – I suggest you register sooner rather than later.  The registration link is below.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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