Do you want to be controlled or enabled?

The innovation gap between companies is growing. Today, if you’re not meaningfully unique you better be cheap.

There are two options for increasing innovation:

Option 1: You can install an Innovation CONTROL System.

Option 2: You can install A System that ENABLES Innovation.   

Option 1 - CONTROL:  Control systems are designed to inspect the work and prevent mistakes and waste from bad innovations.  They are usually implemented as a reaction to a failure.   They are usually implemented because management does not trust the workers to do the right thing.

NO THAT’S NOT THE REASON - The real reason that Control Systems are implemented is because management feels they need to so something and until recently there was no other validated option.

The following message from the website of a leading innovation management software system describes the situation well:

Our focus is on portfolio and resource management.  We help management achieve greater levels of control over their ever-changing environments by dynamically managing money and resources. Using a unique portfolio management discipline, we offer unprecedented, real-time visibility into the trade-offs involved in key business decisions.  We help management plan, manage, and analyze their product portfolio from idea to end of life.  Apply resources to the most valuable work and provide executives with the analytics necessary for smart decision making

This software is often combined with the humiliation of in person or on-line Shark Tank gate meetings. (Dragons Den in Canada/UK).   The theory is that if we simply do a better job controlling we will see a transformation in our innovation success.

The question we must ask ourselves is does this make sense.  What is our theory as to how centralized control create more employee engagement, more motivation, more speed to market and bigger, bolder ideas?

Option 2 - ENABLE: The other option is to enable innovation.  This is the focus of the Innovation Engineering movement - on campus, at Fortune 100 companies and small companies around the world.

Innovation Engineering sets off a simple chain reaction:

1) Leadership Enables - - - 2) Employees Engage - - -  3) Everyone Wins.  

Leadership enables by setting a clear Leadership Intent - a strategic vision for what is Very Important - for the organization to focus it’s limited time, energy  and money on.

Leadership enables by providing education to the employees on how to create, communicate and commercialize ideas with increased speed and decreased risk.

Leadership enables by providing system software that makes it easy to for employees to stay focused on what is Very Important for the organization,

Leadership enables employees by making it clear how to go from idea to reality - defining WHAT needs to be done but also WHY and HOW to accomplish the What.

Leadership enables employees to work smarter through a rhythm of learning every week through plan, do, study, act cycles.

Leadership enables by employees to run rapid research (in minutes not months).

Leadership enables employees to collaborate inside and outside the organization without fear of getting in trouble.

Leadership enables employees to use patents as a killer idea source and to painlessly turn their inventions into protectable intellectual property.

Bottom Line: Innovation Engineering is about replacing management with leadership and replacing control with enabling.  When we do this everyone wins.   

To be quantitative on What's In It For You the Leadership  - speed to market increases up to 6x, risk decreases 30 to 80%, development success improves 250%.

The release this week of our third version of Education, Operating System work systems and software Enables Innovation like never before.  There is nothing else like it in the world.

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