ENABLING Patents by Everyone, Everywhere

Yesterday I had the chance to review the presentation that David Laftkas will be giving at the Innovation Engineering conference next Monday. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR WEB BROADCAST

It will be summarized during the opening Key Note at 8:00 EST

David's full presentation will be at about 4:00 EST.

My feeling in reviewing it was that I was being a look into the future.

David's data on patent literacy (horrible) and patent importance (incredible) is impressive.

However, what most excited me about the presentation was how simple and easy it was to understand.  Classically patents have been something that were difficult and painful.

David working with Greg, Jeremy and Scott who built the digital tools - have created a system that ENABLES everyone to be able to take advantage of the power of patents.

Using patents for inspiration for Ideas.

Using patents for Competitive Advantage.

Using patents to Make More Money through licensing.

The systems they've crafted are amazing.  The most powerful set of tools that the Eureka! Ranch team have ever created.  Even Greg who architected the amazing Merwyn Rapid Research suite said yesterday "this is the coolest thing we've created - it's even better than the research stuff."

If you can't make the conference on-line - sign up anyways as it will get you a link to see the video after the conference.

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Doug Hall