Every Rock You Carry Makes A Difference That Lasts

Building a rock wall takes a lot of work.  You lift, carry and place each stone in place.   It can feel tiring but with each stone put in place the wall builds and in many cases stands for generations. That's how it is with Meaningfully Unique changes - in your life, your business, your career.

Real changes - real big changes - are built one rock at a time.

You start with the big rocks and get them in place.

They give you the foundation - then you add the small rocks to add stability and beauty.


That's great theory - but the reality is it's hard - hard work - tiring work - exhausting work.

This thought came to mind yesterday as I was reflecting on how much work we have to do right now.  We are in the midst of an overwhelming amount of work right now as we go through Alpha, Beta and First Release development of Five Systems that will jolt the IE movement forward to an even higher level of capability and impact on the world.

To be honest - over the weekend and yesterday -  I was feeling very exhausted thinking about all the rocks that we need to move... 


And this is amazing....

In the middle of thinking through all of this - and at the end of a long day of teaching Innovation College  - Maggie P came up with a Fresh idea -- a WICKED COOL IDEA -- a LEAP of an idea - a mind altering idea for something that has the potential to take the movement to an even higher level that I had never imagined!   

It is the kind of idea that sets off an explosion of connections, builds and new opportunities.   The kind of idea that reminds you of the purpose for why I am here and why the Innovation Engineering Movement is so very important.  The kind of idea that stirs the soul. 

And yes - an Idea that will also involve move a TON - literally a TON of  rocks.  

The good news is every one of those rocks is very MEANINGFUL :)

Interestingly, when I got up early this morning to move rocks --- I had a new energy.   Maggie's vision was so exciting - that I had a new energy to get the Five Systems done -- so that I can get to work on the next big thing :).

The poet David Whyte says "The secret to exhaustion is not rest.  The secret to exhaustion is whole heartedness."   Thank you Maggie for helping me reconnect with whole heartedness. 

Rock and Roll

Yes - roll those rocks!