Free Online Innovation Conference


Hello Pioneers, Register yourself and or your team for the 4th annual Innovation Engineering Conference - held on-line June 22, 2016.

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WHAT Innovation Engineering is a new field of academic study and leadership science.   It teaches you and your team systems to ENABLE innovation by everyone - resulting in both increased speed to market while at the same time decreasing risk.

ON-LINE CONFERENCE:  The Innovation Engineering movement has an international conference each year.  The conference is in two parts - a “beta” version was tested in a live event that was recently held at the Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnati Ohio USA.   The full release version is an ON-LINE conference.   It’s an interactive event with participants from around the world.   A PDF of the work along materials will be emailed to those who register prior to the event.

WHEN:  The online conference is June 22, 2016 from 9 am EST to 5:00 pm EST

WHO:  The Innovation Engineering on-line conference is valuable to those who are NEW to Innovation Engineering as well as those who are experienced veterans.   The conference is designed to work well for individuals.  HOWEVER - it is even more powerful as a team.   The value of the interactive exercises is amplified through the diversity of teams.   FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS INVITE with family, friends, co-workers, Facebook, etc  - all will find value in the conference. 


9:00   Opening Keynote: Doug Hall, Innovation Engineering founder will review the state of the System Driven Innovation movement.   He will discuss the three biggest learnings from the past year.   The presentation will end with a review of the latest learning - and the true state of the art in innovation systems and tools for Innovation Education, Metrics, Pipeline, Rapid Research, Collaboration and Patent ROI.

Participants will then be challenged to reflect on their learnings over the past year.  The learnings will be shared digitally - with Maggie Nichols, Eureka! Ranch President moderating the conversation.

10:30 +/-  Thinking To the Future:  Doug will lead a presentation on future scenarios. It’s a provocative presentation that will challenge your perceptions of how you and your organization are preparing for the future world of innovation.

12:00 Lunch Break

12:30 System Driven Leadership Classes:  This will be an accelerated version of the four core classes from the 400 level Innovation Engineering University Course “System Driven Leadership.”  From these classes you will learn:

• A simple framework for directing system problems

• A Method for gaining system alignment

• A step by step way to help you “work smarter”

• The secret to reliable and reproducible innovation success.

The four courses will be taught by Doug Hall - the interactive Lab classes by Maggie Nichols.

4:00  Taking it Home:  This will be an interactive class where you will be guided through applying the System Driven Leadership method to your system for innovation.

4:30 What Have We Learned: The conference will end with an interactive sharing of what the community learned from the day.

5:00 End

Maggie and I look forward to connecting with you at the conference.

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