Get off the road… to reset your mindset this summer.

This week I learned the importance of getting off the road so to reset my mindset.     This insight came from a conversation with my daughter Victoria.     She sent the following photo of the “loop” in Yellowstone National Park. It was jammed with tourists visiting the expected tourist things.   Eventually, the frustration of being bumper to bumper in a national park got to her.  She felt her frustration growing and growing.   She then did the only thing she could think of "She Got Off The Road." 

Bumper to Bumper at Yellowstone National Park

Bumper to Bumper at Yellowstone National Park

What she saw off the main road ....1) In Yellowstone National park, 2) in the least popular eastern side of Glacier National Park and 3) when she went on a real hike (the type that tourists don't go on) was simply amazing.   PICTURES at the bottom.

The primary road in Yellowstone is designed to take you to key sites - however it doesn't take you to the most important things.  The most important things are in the paths less traveled.  They are waiting to be discovered.   

In my life this past week I also discovered the value of getting off the road.  I was involved in discussions on a business path.  It all seemed to make sense.  However, I had no energy for it - and in fact was growing more and more frustrated by the momentum building to "stay in line."    Then one morning I got together with a couple friends and we explored getting off the road and going a different way.   With our minds we got off the road and traveled into the wilderness of thought.  

At first the going was tough and it looked like a waste of time.  Then suddenly, amazingness came into sight.  Suddenly we could see everything with a new mindset.   The sensation was rejuvenating and restorative.   Frustration was replaced with excitement.  

Think about your life.  In what parts of it are you traveling the path that you've been told to travel or expected to travel.  THINK - is it time to "Get off the road!" 

If you're not sure - here's my advice... GO FOR IT!   The road well traveled is just that - well traveled.  That road is filled with "averageness."   The road less traveled has the potential for "amazingness."