Go Ahead - Take the LEAP!

This past week I came to the not very stunning realization that TODAY is the DAY to take action.  

TODAY is the day to take action on your/my ideas.

TODAY is the day to take action on your/my dreams.

SADLY - most of us, especially as we age,  become Prudent, Proper and frankly Puckered.  We spend more time thinking through the consequences and less time taking action. 

This past week I realized that in parts of my life I’ve fallen into this trap.  I’ve become prudent because I have the blessing of having amazing resources available to research and develop.  

Thirty Two Years Ago - when I took the leap and founded what is now known as the Eureka! Ranch - I had a greater blessing - I DIDN’T HAVE RESOURCES.    I left a prudent and proper corporate job.  For the uncertain world of entrepreneurship.  I traded in a corporate office with a view - for the basement of our house.  I traded a regular paycheck and a reliable bonus for three credit cards as my funding source -  and my wife working double shifts.  

Because I didn’t have resources I was forced to learn as I went.   As a result I ran some of the fastest PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) cycles on earth.   I pivoted, adapted and learned a ton.  Innovation on what I was offering customers was not optional.  

Now I realize that for many who read this - the idea of stepping into the unknown is terrifying.   

The reality is that failure is not as deadly as you think it is.   Every time Eureka! has grown - be it at the start or at other times - it was because we learned from each failure.  AND,  most important of all - we have gotten very good at FAILING AS FAST & CHEAP AS POSSIBLE.   Note - the biggest benefit of Fail FAST Fail CHEAP - is that it enables us to have many more cycles of learning.  Basically, the faster we fail the sooner we get smart! 

For all of us, myself included, instead of living a life of  “woulda, coulda, shoulda” - it’s time to embrace the spirit of adventure that lives within all of us. 

So what about you?  Does the prospect of failing keep you from trying?  Are you willing to let even one failure happen?  Or is there something that prevents you from stepping up to the plate?  If so, what is it?  What steps can you take to remove the obstacle? 

What’s the alternative?  Here’s the DATA on the risk/reward of taking a LEAP.  I reported it in my book Jump Start Your Business Brain:  

Consider this: In a Cornell University study, senior citizens were asked to describe their greatest regrets.  Some 75% of the respondents expressed more regret for actions that weren’t taken as opposed to actions that were taken, even those that turned out badly.   

So just do it.  Take that job offer.  Raise your hand in protest.  Go out on that blind date.   If it turns out badly, time will heal the pain.  On the other hand, if you turn down the job or keep your mouth shut or tell that blind date thanks but no thanks, you’ll never know.   No amount of time will keep you from wondering what might have been.   And when you’re sitting there in your rocking chair at the nursing home, you’ll look back on a lifetime of woulda, coulda, shoulda. 

p.s.  As I’m writing this I got a phone call from a lady who was referred to me by a friend.  She wants to pitch one of our R&D experiments to some very large customers.   

As we talked - I started to think about all the things we are “not ready” on… then I looked up at the screen - saw what I was writing and said.   “End of March/Early April, that would be fine, we’ll be ready by then.” 

For me - 2018 is the year of adventure!  What about you?  Go ahead.  Take the LEAP!