How could they know?.....and....Be the Change...

Good Morning Innovation Leader, I'm off for vacation to Prince Edward Island - then to Scotland to the world piping championship with our wonderful students at the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts.

I'll be back posting from U Maine the end of August - where I'll be teaching this fall.

I'll leave you with two thoughts to ponder.

1. How could they know?  

I spent yesterday in Toronto filming a small segment on a tv show. I was tasked with helping a small company that sells advanced process control systems to manufacturers.  As a company they ride a roller coaster - when the economy is good they do good - when it's bad they do horrible.  They want to "get off the roller coaster" -- I spend Sunday Evening and Monday morning with them.  In the end they have new hope.

To be clear - I didn't do anything brilliant.  Rather, all I did was educate them on how to think about the "pipeline of buyers" from the engineer to the plant manager to the buying department.  I educated them about the value of benefits versus features - and about Problem, Promise, Proof.

As I traveled to the airport - all I could think of was the Deming quote ... How could they know?

You can see him say it by clicking here.

Friends - it is our job to teach them.

The people you work with or work for are all good people.

They are not against new ideas - they are not against change.....they are not against innovation.

They just don't know what's possible.

Teach them.

2. Be the Change

My daughter Tori - who Debbie and I was with at a wedding this weekend - emailed me a link to this song.

Her email said..

                       Subject: Life Theme Song.  

She encouraged me to listen to it.

I did - and she's right

Here's a link to an audio

Here's a link to the lyrics Have a great summer.

I'm gonna do some writing, sailing & recharge my mind on how I can better be the change -- how I can better be the change I wanna see.


p.s. Thank you to the dozens who posted responses to my question I posted last week.  If you have more ideas please post.